I am honored to fight for you as your District Attorney.

“When I took office in 2011, I promised to put the citizens and the community first. It’s not always popular to make law enforcement follow the rules, but I believe it’s the only way to serve justice. I will continue to do the right thing for you, no matter the political costs. I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me.”

Janice Steidley, D.A.

Working with you for safer communities

It takes a strong District Attorney to build a safe community. Janice Steidley has proven her toughness by challenging the status quo and refusing to accept short cuts.

Doing a job right is not always popular, but it’s the only way to protect citizens and serve justice.

Janice Steidley and her smart prosecutors get the job done to keep us safe.

Her office filed almost 4,000 felony and misdemeanors in 2012. Of those, over 2,000 were in Rogers County. In addition, her team has filed over 3,000 traffic cases in Rogers County plus juvenile, child welfare and other special filings.

Prosecutors review each criminal case to decide if prison, fines, community service, substance abuse treatment and close supervision, or another alternative will best serve the public and the offender. In every case, Janice and her staff work to protect us and stop further crimes.

Since taking office, Janice has cut costs in the District Attorney’s office. Her team has improved the collection system for bogus checks and has improved the collection of supervision fees from offenders.

She’s implemented a case responsibility system where each case is assigned to one attorney to handle from beginning to end. She’s added an experienced sex crimes investigator to the office.

We want Janice Steidley to keep fighting for us. Keep Rogers, Mayes and Craig Counties great places to live and raise a family. Keep Janice Steidley as our DA.

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